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Jakub Roztočil was born in 1979 in Turnov, he currently lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic.

In 2005 he graduated in Monumental art from the Prague academy under Aleš Veselý.

Jakub is concerned with generating real time processes with which to imitate fundamental aspects of universality.

The artists goal is to formulate a crystal clear, non-verbal position, a stop to the uncommitted game being played-out in art history with its references, ironies and encodings. His goal rather is to depict, or at least glimpse

the undepictable, all-encompassing essence of reality.

His mistrust of words leads the artist to adopt alternative ways of contemplation. He works not with ideas but with interactions built-up between waves, rhythms and gravity resulting in an artwork, where nothing more

than a visual documentation of a process within time and space, is being created.

The paintings being presented are the result of a three-year investigation during which time the

largest  part of his sculptural practice remained hidden.

This then is the artists brush: a generative system which condenses a symphony of tensions with the

help of rhythms, gravity and movement.

A chain block to which a horizontally, hanging, turning canvas has been attached. An oscillating arm above the

canvas supports a series of tubes from which dilutes acrylic paint drips. All aspects of the construction are

programable: its movements, fazes and drip properties. The self-adjusting technology is an instrument

representing an eternal movement within which interacting frequencies create a symphonic narrative.

Mechanical repetition allows Roztočil to let the work build up for weeks before reaching its final form.

The artist enters the work through his physical presence as a signal transmitter and agent of unpredictability.

This dialogue between the mechanical and biological becomes a picture of interlocking parallels, involving nature, music and finally the universe itself. He is intuitively broadening the expressive abilities of his own senses

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